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Hiking Mountaineering Boots

All Vibram inclusive of postage:

Hiking Soles Units 55.00
Vibram Midsole Units £62.00
Mountaineering/Plastic Boot Soles £65.00
Vibram Grizzly Heels £25.00

Midsoles extra £20.00 per pair
Re-rand extra £20.00 per pair

Save time and money if you are not sure
Just email us a picture of your boots and we will tell you
if they can be repaired.Please include a telephone number


Return P & P included in U.K. only

Print the order & address label, and enclose with your cheque/postal order payment.

Vibram Hiking Boot Soles (Note the correct style will be fitted to your boot)











Supporters of Kendal Mountain Rescue Team

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